I am an old school DJ who started out in the 1980s disco era. This was the time when disc jockeys were first beginning to become recognised as an integral element in any successful club. Back in those days I used to work two nights a week at a popular central club and I would try to get bookings for various party functions to further bolster my income. But I still had to work part time in a job that I hated in order to make ends meet. At the various functions where I was booked to play it was expected that I would chatRead More →

Love and male enhancement oils are becoming increasingly popular because of their ease of use, convenience, affordability and also because applying an oil can become an enjoyable part of foreplay for both of you before the main event. However many of these oils, do not offer multiple benefits. Some may cause better sensation or the ability to achieve better erections and enhance performance but these can be very short lived, meaning re-application is frequently needed. Nothing is more of a passion killer than to keep stopping to re-apply oil, and could be potentially quite awkward especially if you would prefer your partner did not knowRead More →